Redefining Maximum Exposure
Starting with accurate pricing strategies and immediate distribution to the entire brokerage community, Beachside Real Estate does more than any other company to sell your property. Through our extensive website, which attracts over thousands of potential buyers every month, our custom property advertising, exceptional local coverage, and powerful industry connections, we are constantly redefining maximum exposure.
Where Do We Advertise?
Our strategic, creative advertising campaigns are nationally recognized for excellence. But more importantly, Beachside Real Estate disseminates your message to highly-targeted audiences.
Here is a sampling of our advertising partners, both online and print.



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Why List With Beachside Real Estate?

A unique selling philosophy - Inclusive is better than exclusive. At Beachside Real Estate, we believe that optimal exposure comes through co-brokering, or "inclusive marketing." When you list with us, your property not only receives exposure to our own real estate professionals, but a worldwide co-broker network.

Exceptional service experience - From the moment you list with Beachside Real Estate, your agent takes ownership of the selling process -- managing every detail of your sale from marketing your property, to coordinating open houses and providing continuous feedback on results.

Expertise in pricing - We share your goal of achieving maximum possible price, and selling quickly and efficiently. At Beachside Real Estate, our agents average 20 years in respective local markets. And they leverage the largest database of prices and sales information available. This experience, access and intelligence helps us formulate the most accurate pricing.

We feature your property on the hardest working site in real estate - BeachsideRealEstate.com gives buyers instant access to custom search modes, detailed descriptions, full color photography, floor plans and panoramic virtual tours. That means a compelling showcase for your property that's simple to find. Listing for listing, the award-winning BeachsideRealEstate.com generates more interest, sells more real estate than any other site, and ranks in the top 1% of heavily trafficked sites worldwide.

We get the news out fast - Within minutes, every Beachside Real Estate agent will know that your property is on the market. Within an hour, your property will be listed on BeachsideRealEstate.com with access to 1 million monthly visitors. Moveover every Beachside Real Estate listing is featured on nytimes.com and is accessible through key sites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.

Agents with a "Live who you are" mission mean better buyers. - At Beachside Real Estate, our agents are dedicated to finding precisely the right property for buyers - the right property for who they are and how they live. For sellers, that means better screening - and more buyers precision-matched to your property.

High profile advertising, marketing and public relations - Selling your property means the careful orchestration of advertising, marketing and public relations. Our goal is to reach precisely the right target audience through key local, national and international print, radio, television and interactive media. No other real estate company comes close.

Unrivaled sales success - Nothing speaks louder than results. In 2005, Beachside Real Estate agents generated millions in sales. Let us make you part of that success.

How Will We Sell Your Property?
Beachside Real Estate Name
Providing the highest visibility platform for your property

Accurate Property Evaluations
Pricing strategies supported by Charleston's largest database of properties and statistics

Extensive Web Site, BeachsideRealEstate.com
Attracting thousands of potential buyers every month

Broker Accompanied Showings

Immediate exposure to more than 4000 Charleston Real Estate agents
Including their extensive client bases

Professionally Hosted Open Houses

Mobility Network
The nation's largest referral network

Customized Property Advertising
Including The New York Times and all other major publications

Expert Buyer Prequalification to Ensure a Successful Sale

Skilled Negotiators Assure You the Best Price

Professional Liaison With the Legal Community

Facilitation of the Financing Process

Professional Closing Services Department

Expert Board Package Preparation and Critical Review

Continuous Feedback Throughout the Sale Process

Welcome to Beachside Real Estate Relocation and Client Services!
Specialized Service
The best firm to work with when you're moving into town is also the best one when you're moving out: Beachside Real Estate. We have a dedicated Relocation and Corporate Services Division to help you find the best in real estate anywhere you want to go.

The Industry's Most Powerful Network
As a member of the Cartus Mobility Broker Network, Beachside Real Estate's 2,000 agents in 45 offices throughout New York City, The Hamptons and South Florida have access to more than 100,000 agents at the top real estate firms in the country.

International Reach
Cartus Mobility operates six international service centers on four continents assisting over 2,000 companies and over 100,000 clients around the globe.

Our "Live who you are" philosophy
Despite the time challenges and stresses of relocation, our mission of finding the right place for who you are and how you live is always central to our approach. We'll ask the right questions and do our utmost to ensure that your transition to your new home is effortless. You will be assigned to a seasoned real estate professional that has been selected especially for you, by our network member, in your new location.

Serving Sellers
As a seller listing your home with Beachside Real Estate, you are positioned to benefit from Beachside Real Estate's Relocation and Corporate Services Division's many sources of qualified buyers for your property. Whether it's relocating corporate executives, investors or retirees, Beachside Real Estate Relocation helps them find the way to your home.

Selling Your Home


Would You Like Help Selling Your Home?


Selling a home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make. The selling process can be very complex and time consuming, however with the aid of our services, be certain that you will come away completely satisfied and stress free.

One of our main responsibilities is to arrive at an accurate estimate of value for your home, so we ensure a detailed evaluation and analysis of every part of your home. Our work doesn’t stop there, as we will fully investigate the real estate market and compare your property with similar listings to make sure that you receive the highest amount you deserve for your home.

We will follow a step-by-step marketing program that will provide you with service that is professional and courteous. In the end, you will be sure that the price you set reflects the true value of your home under current market conditions . . . rest assured that you will be completely satisfied with your selling price once we have completed the proper research and evaluation of your home.

   1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange

Are You A Savvy Investor?

If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you must become familiar with Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. Otherwise you may be losing money with every transaction you make.

A tax deferred exchange is simply a process in which a property owner trades one property for another without having to pay any federal taxes on the transaction. Ordinarily, a property owner is taxed on any gain by the sale of a property, but in an exchange the tax is deferred until some time in the future. A property owner simply disposes of one property and acquires another, but this transaction must fulfill specific requirements and be structured in a way that it is in fact an exchange, not a taxable sale of one and a purchase of another.

At Beachside Real Estate, half of our transactions each year are 1031 tax-free exchanges. We handle these exchanges on a daily basis and are eager to explain how this investment opportunity could benefit you.

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